'Lighter Click' to be featured in Slamdance Film Festival / by DEDSA

DEDSA's debut music video Lighter Click, illustrated and animated by Robbie Ward, has been selected to screen at the 2017 Slamdance Film Festival. Ward's Lighter Click was one of only nine short films to be accepted into the festival's Anarchy Shorts category. 

Slamdance was born out of a DIY oppositional gesture and Anarchy is our attempt to recapture the early spirit of the festival. We’d summarize that spirit in three words: “Fuck the system.” The casual cinephile might associate the Anarchy program with avant-garde, transgressive, or underground cinema. It is all of these things and none of them. We like to think of Anarchy as an anti-genre. It is a form of resistance to dominant cultural paradigms. The films value innovation of form, violation of taboo, and disdain for institutional modes of representation.
— https://showcase.slamdance.com/film-festival/