Inside the Annihilation Video by DEDSA

The music video for DEDSA's Annihilation was created by DEDSA keyboardist Robbie Ward using hand-drawn paper cutouts and stop-motion animation techniques. 

 "Annihilation was largely inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Dante, as well as other early medieval paintings and texts depicting Hell and peasant life. I wanted to re-imagine ancient interpretations of Hell that have fallen from the public consciousness (for example: the frozen, innermost level of Hell; and Satan depicted as a blue, many-faced creature) and also bring a comic and modern perspective.

   I learned the paper cutout technique from watching an old TV interview with Terry Gilliam. My process doesn't really differ at all from his Monty Python cartoons, except I illustrate everything with Prismacolor pencils and use Dragonframe software. It took approximately eleven months to complete all of the backgrounds and figures, and five weeks to animate using stop motion." - Robbie Ward

Take a tour of his animation studio and Annihilation portfolio below!