Nashville Scene's exclusive release of new single 'Honky Tonk' by DEDSA

The Nashville Scene previews Salmon Velocity with the premiere of DEDSA's new single, Honky Tonk. 

‘Honky Tonk’ is a sort of drunken lament about modern dating, where often relationships are fleeting, paranoid and obsessive affairs, that begin and end in uncertainty,” says singer-guitarist Stephen DeWitt in an email. “It reflects the inner thoughts of a protagonist who is probably just waiting for a text back while out by themselves at a bar or in their room at home. I recorded the vocal several times but it never had the right amount of desperation, so one night I drank a bottle of Bordeaux before recording and that was the final take on the record.
— Nashville Scene

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New Noise Magazine's exclusive 'Annihilation' release by DEDSA

DEDSA's music video for Annihilation has made its exclusive debut on New Noise Magazine's website.

Woven into this unique animation style is a story, oddly peaceful and brought to such imaginative life by the stellar musicianship across “Annihilation.” The song’s opening brings plenty of anticipation for the introduction of the vocals, gliding over the tranquil atmosphere with ease. The circling instruments layer themselves into a fantastic piece of orchestration.
— Sean Gonzalez, New Noise Magazine

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'Salmon Velocity' Album Release Show by DEDSA

We are pleased to announce that our album release show for Salmon Velocity will be held on Thursday, March 2nd at Nashville's one and only Mercy Lounge! Come on out and help us celebrate with our friends from The Cunning and Apollo Wild! We will be holding the first official public screening of DEDSA's new music video Annihilation, we'll be projecting a liquid light show during our set, and we'll be giving away merch to some lucky fans! 

See you there!

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