Inside the Annihilation Video by DEDSA

The music video for DEDSA's Annihilation was created by DEDSA keyboardist Robbie Ward using hand-drawn paper cutouts and stop-motion animation techniques. 

 "Annihilation was largely inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch and Dante, as well as other early medieval paintings and texts depicting Hell and peasant life. I wanted to re-imagine ancient interpretations of Hell that have fallen from the public consciousness (for example: the frozen, innermost level of Hell; and Satan depicted as a blue, many-faced creature) and also bring a comic and modern perspective.

   I learned the paper cutout technique from watching an old TV interview with Terry Gilliam. My process doesn't really differ at all from his Monty Python cartoons, except I illustrate everything with Prismacolor pencils and use Dragonframe software. It took approximately eleven months to complete all of the backgrounds and figures, and five weeks to animate using stop motion." - Robbie Ward

Take a tour of his animation studio and Annihilation portfolio below!

Nashville Scene's exclusive release of new single 'Honky Tonk' by DEDSA

The Nashville Scene previews Salmon Velocity with the premiere of DEDSA's new single, Honky Tonk. 

‘Honky Tonk’ is a sort of drunken lament about modern dating, where often relationships are fleeting, paranoid and obsessive affairs, that begin and end in uncertainty,” says singer-guitarist Stephen DeWitt in an email. “It reflects the inner thoughts of a protagonist who is probably just waiting for a text back while out by themselves at a bar or in their room at home. I recorded the vocal several times but it never had the right amount of desperation, so one night I drank a bottle of Bordeaux before recording and that was the final take on the record.
— Nashville Scene

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